Moscow to Use Ethereum to Oversee Farmers’ Markets Allocations

Moscow to Use Ethereum to Oversee Farmer Markets Allocations

Moscow is going ahead with plans to develop a system using the Ethereum blockchain which will simplify the allocation of commercial trading plots to farmers.

The system is designed to allocate some 1,500 trading spots which become available each year with 20,000 farmers scrambling for a foothold in the April to November agricultural season. The race for a livelihood is enormously competitive, with farmers from Russia and original federated states, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, all vying for a place to conduct weekend trade in the nation’s capital.

Along with allocation of the spots, blockchain should help with recording applications and keep details of those who have been denied access to a trading location. Blockchain product manager at Moscow City Hall, Andrey Borodyonkov sees the use of blockchain as a huge advantage, commenting, “Blockchain is an additional guarantee that the incoming applications remain immutable as well as makes the audit of the application history possible.”

Until now, farmers have had issues with the current method of allocating trading spots, receiving little to no indication from City Hall as to why unsuccessful requests to trade in the capital had been denied. Also, with the blockchain system, the risk of any allegations of fraud or tampering with requests will be eradicated. A government statement suggested:

“The entire dataset is publicly viewable, transparent and available for download. In that case, submission time can be confirmed, while the application cannot be deleted or altered by someone once it is submitted.”

Andrey Belozerov, an adviser to Moscow City Hall, is particularly happy with this outcome as he sees it as offering clarity to farmers:

“We believe that farmers should have a transparent system to see why their application is declined or approved…blockchain is to make sure that the process is fully transparent and no one can alter an application. We hope that blockchain will provide full transparency for everyone.”

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Moscow City Hall, which has recently formed a new department called Product Blockchain, is clearly intent on putting the new technology into commercial use at government administrative level since hiring blockchain developers back in 2016.


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