TRON Surges 16% Overnight, What Has Triggered the Crypto to Rise?


TRON (TRX) has just experienced a significant price surge, spiking up by around 16%. This makes TRON one of only a few altcoins to go through such a massive price surge in the recent weeks.

According to experts, this is still not the long-awaited bull run, which is expected to come in the following days. Once the real bull run arrives, TRX will become one of the few coins that will benefit from it the most, analysts claim.

TRON (TRX) Price Surge

The new price surge for TRON started only recently, likely due to the new announcement made by its founder, Justin Sun. Sun has stated that TRON network’s Super Representatives have managed to reach a consensus and that several changes are about to arrive.

The first thing that Sun has announced is an upgrade to TRON VM, called Odyssey 3.1. The new version is said to increase the number of transactions per second for TRON. According to Sun, TRX will be operating around 200 times faster than what Ethereum has to offer. Additionally, it will be 100 times cheaper than EOS. If true, this will make TRON one of the fastest and cheapest coins on the market, which will kickstart an entirely new era for TRX.

Sun already has high hopes for TRON, which can be seen from his claims that TRX will become the largest decentralized protocol in the world. This will allow it to surpass Ethereum effectively, and Sun expects it to happen in the next six months.

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The Last Opportunity for Investors to Buy Cheap TRX

This year, while mostly bearish, still managed to surprise investors with several price surges. The most notable ones so far have been the ones led by Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). Numerous analysts and crypto experts believe that it will lead the next bull run. If this does come to pass, then right now might be the last opportunity for TRX enthusiasts to buy cheap TRON coins.

Since many expect TRON to go high with a price surge much larger than the current 16% buying cheap TRX might allow investors to make a lot of profit in the next few months. Additionally, no one really knows what to expect from the price, and when the upcoming surge stop. At the moment, TRON’s price is at $0.027422  per coin, while TRX remains the 11th largest coin by market cap.

If analysts are right, TRON price may soon hit $1, with some of the most optimistic predictions claiming that it might even hit $5.

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