Younk Rolls Out First Community Funded Hit


Today is an awesome day – we celebrate a giant leap for the whole music industry – Younk starts the world’s first Hit Funding on blockchain. This means the world becomes a witness to community, industry experts, and musicians cooperation resulting in the first community funded and collectively owned hit.

Younk is the first community music label on blockchain. This platform allows listeners, music experts and musicians work together to make better music. Artists share their tracks for free, community listens and votes, than the best track goes to Hit Funding stage.

Hit Funding is similar to crowdfunding, yet it carries more advanced features and offers the option of royalty sharing through blockchain. Throughout the Hit Funding week you have an opportunity to select your favourite track and support it with YNK tokens in exchange for the royalty share certificate.

When the track reaches Soft Cap, it goes to big-league experts for further Production & Distribution. Our co-founder is Don Grierson, a legendary music industry executive. He  received the Golden Apple Award from The Beatles and signed Celine Dion to her first US recording contract. He’s ready to help our Artists and Community to create unforgettable music hits! When track is released, community gets benefits – royalty share.

It sounds great, huh? Well, it gets even better when you understand that now  it becomes possible to start your own ‘music business’, becoming a producer of undiscovered talents. For musicians it’s a great opportunity to share theirs music and receive feedback from active listeners. Musicians have a chance to earn more with Younk, than with any other major music label in the world.

Younk has been created to make music industry accessible and profitable for both the artists and the community. It is the first decentralized community label, open for everyone, all over the world. Label, driven by the community, the listeners. Label, which makes it possible for everyone to get benefits from music.

What happens now? Younk has launched the closed beta-test and all participants are receive 1,000 YNK tokens (you can apply for private access here). The YNK test token is the platform’s own currency and an easy tool to support tracks to get benefits. We’ve invited 1,000 people to test our platform, to discover and support the first community-funded Hit and to make some improvements together.

August, 29th is the final Hit Funding day and we’ll get the names of the artists who’ll become the proud first Hitmakers supported by the Community. They’ll proceed with recording their track and to get the music video, which will be released on 150+ digital platforms. Sounds exciting? We can’t wait for that moment too!

Join us! Be the first to get the hot news! Don’t miss a chance to share your track or to become a successful listener! Below is the preliminary schedule of this process:

  • Step 1. Hit Funding – August, 22 – August, 29
  • Step 2. Soft Cap – August, 30
  • Step 3. Production – August, 30 – September, 30
  • Step 4. Fist release and Distribution – October, 1

Happy Hithunting!



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